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The quality inspection centre was establised in 1999 and it is responsible for the inspection of all products in the factory.
Quality is one of the main objectives of the company and refers not only to the products themselves but also includes delivery loyalty, service, price and customer satisfication in gengeral.,and through the national ISO9001 quality system certificationTherefor quality demonstrates the competence of our company.




检测中心设备 Testing equipment

1、气相色谱仪   Gas Chromatograph
2、微量水分测定仪   Micro Moisture Measuring Instrument
3、ICP光谱仪   Icp-Aes
4、电导率仪   Conductivity Meter
5、PH计   Ph Meter
6、电子天平   Electronic Balance
7、紫外/可见光分光光度计   Ultraviolet / Visible Light Spectrophotometer
8、粘度计   Viscometer
9、颗粒仪   Particle Size Analyzer
10、光电浊度仪   Photoelectric Turbidimeter
11、阿贝折射仪   Abbe Refractometer


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